Truck Accidents

Compared to a simple car accident, being involved in a truck accident can prove to be more complicated. There are many factors that need to be cleared, such as who may be responsible for the accident and what could be the reason that caused it. It is also tricky to prove who may be the at-fault is because the blame gets thrown around. Getting compensation for injuries and damages that you have suffered after a truck accident requires knowing what the common causes of truck accidents are, as well as who are the key players that could be blamed for causing the accident.

According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C., the most common causes of truck accidents are driver error, improper or unsecured cargo, defective products or truck parts, and negligence on the part of the trucking company. Because truck companies have avoided liability in the past by distancing themselves from the truck driver, equipments and the vehicle themselves, the federal laws and regulations have addressed issues of responsibility by mandating that any accident caused by a truck will be under the responsibility of the trucking company that has given their placard and permit to the vehicle. This is regardless of whether the driver is an employee of the company or an independent driver, or if the lease was either with the operator or owner.

In order to draft a strong case and guarantee compensation, evidence should be gathered and presented. This may seem hard, but with technological advances has actually made it very easy. There are many tech devices present in commercial trucks that help preserve vital data, from the speed of the truck to the time the brakes were used. On-board computers are also being utilized, as well as global positioning systems (GPS) and truck specific equipment. These can be used to help gather information that can prove negligence or fault, aside from police reports and witness testimonies.

Truck accidents have been on the rise in the past years, and this poses serious alarm because truck accidents generally cause severe injuries and damages to those involved. Based on latest statistics, truck accidents account to 3 percent of road accidents, yet these accidents are a significant cause of devastating property damage and life-threatening injuries, even a significant number of fatalities. Being a victim of a truck accident requires industry aptitude, therefore it would help to have legal representation and aid.

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