Treatment for Excessive Bleeding with Xarelto

Blood clotting is an essential mechanism in the blood; without coagulation, once you start bleeding you won’t stop. On the other hand, blood clots can pose a danger to the health and life of an individual, primarily by inducing a stroke or embolism when a large enough clot lodges in a blood pathway, blocking the flow of blood to the brain or in the lungs. This is the reason why people who are prone to excessive clotting are prescribed with anticoagulants or blood thinners such as Xarelto.

However, there is a catch. Because an anticoagulant inhibits the process of coagulation, you could bleed to death if it cannot be reversed. This can be brought on by simultaneous use of certain medications such as nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drug, P2Y12 platelet inhibitors, even aspirin.

Excessive bleeding is the main issue in personal injury lawsuits against Xarelto US distributor Janssen Pharmaceutical and drug maker Bayer AG. As discussed at the website of lawyers Williams Kherkher, there are other side effects with using the drug including vomiting blood, headaches, slow healing of wounds, and liver failure, but the most common and problematic is excessive bleeding. It is even more of a problem because there is no effective way yet found to reverse the condition.

Once taken, Xarelto lingers in the system for up to 9 hours in young (20-45 years old) and healthy subjects, and as much as 13 hours for older patients. When active bleeding starts and does not stop, the patient may sustain serious blood loss that would need to be replaced before it reaches dangerous levels.

There have been some treatments considered, but there are no guarantees that they will work. One is through dialysis, but because it binds to plasma protein, it is not considered the best option for rididng the system of the drug. Vitamin K, which is the antidote for long-time anticoagulant drug warfarin, is not effective against Xarelto because they do not work in the same way. There has been some success with some prothrombin complex concentrates, but they have only been tried in healthy subjects. Other reversal agents have yet to be tested and evaluated.

If you have suffered serious injury from using Xarelto, you may need financial compensation for your medical treatment and loss of wages. Consult with a dangerous drug lawyer to find out how to get it.

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