Causes of Car Accidents

Among the many causes of car accidents, drunk driving or DUI (also called DWI, or driving while intoxicated, in other states) seem to be the leading and most heinous of them all. Drunk driving is said to be the top cause of fatalities according to road accident statistics. As statistics reveal, about 30 percent of US residents will be involved in an alcohol-related accident, and just about every two minutes a person becomes injured due to drunk driving incidents.

With such staggering reports, it’s no wonder that a car accident involving alcohol has the highest amount of penalties and fines compared to other traffic violations. Anyone who is caught with DUI/DWI will be charged with high fines, jail time, increased insurance coverage, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, and many others, including persecution from society. These steep penalties or punishments for DUI/DWI may seem too much, especially for first-time offenders. What many people don’t understand is that DUI charges are not always lawful and many people charged with DUI are innocent and had discrepancies in their charges. A Wisconsin criminal lawyer could help a person who is facing DUI accusations. A lawyer’s help can cause potential penalties to be reduced or even make it so the charges are dismissed completely.

Most misconceptions about drinking and driving stem from the general belief that drinking impairs perception and thinking skills, thus causing road accidents. This is only partially true, because not all people have high alcohol tolerance, and regular drinkers are usually less affected at a given BAC level than people who are not regular drinkers. Another thing to consider is that breathalyzers and BAC level tests are not always a reliable indicator of impairment. According to the website of Goings Law Firm, LLC, there are other factors that can affect a driver other than drinking, such as fatigue and mood. In fact, tiredness can be just as debilitating to a person’s ability to drive as drunkenness.

For those who have been in a car accident because of DUI, the best defense would be to have a good reliable lawyer who is knowledgeable with DUI/DWI laws to help them in their battles. Lawyers who are adept in DUI/DWI laws and know how to handle car accident lawsuits could protect your rights and freedoms when going to court. An attorney will be able to explain to you the complexities of the law, making sure that you get the best legal advice possible. They are proficient in handling case to case basis, and have the understanding of what can be the best course of action when the time comes.

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