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Your Safety Net: Claiming Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in Workplace Injury

You can experience many difficult consequences from falling ill or becoming injured due to workplace accidents. Aside from the obvious physical challenges brought about by illness or injury, going through such an experience is also sure to cause economic hardship. An illness or injury requires medical attention that could cost you thousands of dollars. It also means losing an opportunity to earn wages as you take time off to recover.

In such situations, you’re going to need to have a safety net to ensure that you and your family are well taken care of for the time of being. This is where workers’ compensation benefits come in.

In North Carolina, almost all employers are required by law to provide their workforce with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The few exceptions to this rule include, in general, those that employ only a small amount of people into their organization. Businesses that have more than 3 people in their workforce are expected to weekly payments amounting to 66 2/3 percent of your weekly wage.

Filing for workers’ compensation begins with notifying your employer about your current situation. Submit a report of your illness or injury and include documentation from your doctor to this paperwork. Your employer is then expected to fill out and file all necessary forms to be submitted to the North Carolina Industry Commission or the NCIC.

Your employer or their insurance company will be responsible for the initial review of your claim. Should they deny your petition, the will need to send you and the NCIC appropriate notice to give you time to prepare an appeal. The appeal will be made through a hearing with the NCIC or, if necessary, the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In this process, it will be easier to have Raleigh workers’ compensation claim assistance from an experienced attorney.

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