Associate Judge Dies of Cocaine Overdose Sold by Defendant

In exchange for a 5-year prison sentence, former probation officer James K. Fogarty pleaded guilty to federal drug conspiracy charges for dealing cocaine.

However, further investigation reveals that associate judge Joseph Christ died from a drug overdose on March 10.

The plot thickens: Christ may have been killed by the cocaine Fogarty sold him. In fact, Fogarty admitted to selling cocaine to Christ many times and even using it with him and judge Michael N. Cook. The overdose occurred at Cook’s house in Illinois.

Cook was arrested for federal drug conspiracy and heroin possession.

Judge Michael J. Reagan stated that if a connection is discovered between Fogarty’s drugs and Christ’s death, he will be unable to accept the 60-month prison sentence and $10-100 thousand fine agreed to during the plea bargain.

The maximum sentence for the Fogarty’s crimes is 30 years, and a maximum fine would be $1.25 million.

Fogarty will be sentenced on February 28.

Selling or supplying drugs is a serious felony that can make finding work after a prison sentence nearly impossible, and can have serious repercussions on someone’s reputation.

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